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Who Are We?

I think we’ll all always remember how we felt when lockdown started.

For our team the biggest impact was when the housing market came to an abrupt stop due to the lockdown caused by Coronavirus and overnight changes had to be put into place for the Conveyancing market to become paperless and digitised.  We realised that technology needed to do a leap frog to keep up with the needs of the client.

We started to look at the issues within the legal aspect of the housing market and the main issue for clients was speed and communication and we looked at how we could address these issues through the use of technology – The Agent Site was born as a result.

So, what problems did we uncover?  The Solicitor receiving an increased an unwieldy amount of requests for updates from the home mover, the Estate Agent and the Mortgage Broker.  Some requests going into the hundreds a day.  The need to complete the updates was actually stopping the Solicitor from focussing on and completing the legal work.  The updates actually slowed down the legal work.

The Estate Agent is public facing and when they don’t have an update from the Solicitor, they’re left with little option but to contact the Solicitor as the home mover is often in the office looking for an update.

All the while, the home mover is left feeling anxious and in the dark and worrying that they’re going to lose their new home.

So, what is the solution?  The issues with both communication and speed could be solved by the Solicitor having a system which allowed them to quickly and easily give a jargon free and fully explained update to both the home mover and the Estate Agent and ensuring that the Estate Agent utilises this update rather than requesting further updates.

This allows the Solicitor the time to complete the legal work faster and for everyone to feel assured that they know where the legal work is up to in the process.

The paperwork involved in selling or buying a home is also daunting for the home mover and with no assistance to complete this.  So, we now work with the home mover to ensure that all of the paperwork is completed digitally within the portal and that ID Checks, Proof of Funds and Searches are all completed within 48 hours and the home mover is nurtured through that process with the help of our team during the clients Welcome Meeting.

Of course, it’s more than just technology.  We realised that to make a huge cultural shift that it would take deliberate and forward-thinking relationships between the Estate Agent and Solicitor to create a collaborative relationship which is why we implemented service levels for the Solicitor to ensure they give the proactive, real-time updates and for the Estate Agent to utilise that information rather than calling or emailing the Solicitor and slowing down the legal work.

It sounds simplistic but it’s working – the relationships are better between Estate Agents and Solicitors and the home movers feel less stressed and more informed.

Our vision is to bring overwhelming joy and satisfaction to the most important moves of peoples lives and we are developing our team, solution and constant learnings to make this a reality first in England, and then globally to fix the experience of moving home and bring a genuine smile of gratitude when that magical moment of getting the keys to your new home becomes a reality.

Fiona Drummond

Fiona has a passion for improving the client journey and has a background steeped in business development.  Spending time with the family and friends is the most important part of life outside of work as well as days spent cruising down the canal on the families canal boat.

Andy Jones

An experienced people developer I like to challenge myself with most things in my life. Married with 2 young boys this happily takes up most of my time outside of work but when given the chance I love playing on my decks, both socially and publicly (yes, I can be hired, for free!). Football is massive in our house, with me coaching my son’s team, and following local grass roots most Saturdays. Key focus for me is always the customer, get it right for them, every time!

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