The Communication Portal For Estate Agents

The Communication Portal For Easy Conveyancing

Sick of dealing with the same old conveyancing process? The Agent Site Ltd is your go-to platform to revolutionize how you handle estate agency businesses. Our technology helps provide proactive updates from solicitors so that no time is wasted chasing for updates. Track files, order searches and communicate with your solicitor all in one place – giving both parties more time to maximize their potential and bring in more profits. You don’t have to stay stuck with the same old outdated system anymore. It’s time to make a change, increase profits and gain valuable sales calls by switching over to a modernized conveyancing platform like ours! Take control of your business today with The Agent Site Ltd. Schedule your free demonstration now and see just how much smoother running an estate agency business can be! Click the box below to book your free, no obligation demo.

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Whether you’re an experienced real estate agent or just starting out in the field, dealing with conveyancing can be a complex and difficult process. From gathering quotes to updating clients on the latest progress of their transaction, there are many tasks to juggle at once.

At The Agent Site, we understand that Conveyancing for Estate Agents brings challenges that you face, and we have created a convenient and transparent solution to help simplify this process.

Thorough Conveyancing For Estate Agents

Introducing The Agent Site Platform: the newest, most innovative and revolutionary platform designed to revolutionize communication between estate agents, mortgage brokers and solicitors. This platform offers step-by-step updates along with jargon-free explanations to keep agents informed of a conveyancing transaction’s progress, eliminating the need for time-consuming checkups.

With the Agent Site Platform, solicitors can speed up the start of legal work by using digital documents which are completed using information from both clients and agents. Furthermore, all necessary checks such as ID checks, Proof of Funds and Property Searches are quickly taken care of. Everyone involved in the process is kept in the loop regarding any details relating to where a property transaction stands – our platform makes it easy for everyone involved to view results pertaining to any property search. No more time wasted chasing down a solicitor; instead they now have the ability to use their time completing the legal work swiftly and efficiently!

Our portal offers a quality, fast conveyancing service to solve the issues you face in your business today .

We make conveyancing as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Communicate with buyers and sellers easily through the portal

Customers receive updates directly through the portal

Market leading time frames for completion