The Communication Platform for Estate Agents.

Are you fed up of chasing for updates on your clients files?

It’s hard to keep track of what’s going on when you’re moving house. You have to rely on your Conveyancer to keep you and your client updated.

Not being kept in the loop about what’s happening with your clients move can be really frustrating – you feel out of control and like you’re not sure who to trust.

With our communication platform, you’ll get proactive updates from the Conveyancer so that everyone understands what is going on, what comes next and what that means in English. You’ll also have a quoting tool, a conversion team, and a welcome team to get your clients legally ready within 48 hours. Plus, all of the reporting you need to monitor your leads, conversions and completions.

Why The Agent Site?

Forget everything you think you know about buying and selling a property. With your appointed solicitor conveyancing doesn’t drag on and on, and you won’t feel left in the dark.

Instead, you get fast online delivery of all the key documents – no confusing piles of paper – and expert help from our team. We talk your client through the whole process, answering their questions and making sure things get moving in no time.

We can act for both the seller and buyer to allow for a seamless process, improved communication and no postal delays.

Forget things as you know them.  There is a better way!

Why work with us?



Straightforward, jargon free updates



Proactive updates from our expert panel of Conveyancers



Contact your solicitor and estate agent through our dedicated chat function



We’ll work with your clients to get them ready to start the legal work within 48 hours

Our team will look after your clients and help them to be legally ready within 48 hours

We provide proactive jargon free updates

We guarantee market leading time frames for completion