Our Conveyancing Services

Buying or selling a house should be one of the most exciting times in your life

 Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or Remortgage your home, it’s important to be prepared with all of the necessary documents required for a successful transaction. At our team we work closely with our clients to help them complete the necessary forms about their house, their mortgage, and any other pertinent information. In addition, we create the ID and funds checks and searches that are essential for starting the legal process.

Our Key Services

We provide dedicated step-by-step guidance to assist you at each key milestone.


Whether you’re a first time buyer, purchasing your very own home, or you're purchasing your forever home, we make the whole experience, from start to finish easy and straight forward.


Selling your house shouldn’t need to be a stressful occurrence. We want it to feel exciting and help you to embark on your next chapter and that’s exactly what we will help you to achieve.


We understand that remortgaging can be as stressful as buying a house. We will work with you to relieve the stress that remortgaging can bring and make it as straight forward as possible.

We know that conveyancing can seem like a daunting process at first, but by working closely with us through our online portal, you can be rest assured that your documents will be completed quickly and efficiently. And when it comes to keeping you updated on your transaction status, we pride ourselves on providing informative and jargon-free updates to both you and your estate agent.

With our expert panel of Conveyancers and fast conveyancing services, you can have total confidence in your home buying or selling experience.

Better For Partners

At The Agent Site, we’ve created two exciting products designed to make conveyancing fast, efficient and stress-free.

We put people, not processes, at the heart of each transaction, so whether you’re a solicitor, an estate agent, or you’re buying or selling a property, our Go Live and Legal Start products will transform your experience of conveyancing – for good.

It’s no secret that conveyancing’s initial stages are often dogged by delays.

Go Live cuts out the confusion, slashing the time it takes to collect all the essential information and helping the whole process head towards a quick, smooth and happy conclusion.

Core benefits:

– Online completion of all initial paperwork

– Upload of all certification and documentation to the online portal, ensuring for an easy, straightforward and streamlined process

– No postal delays or costs by using digital uploads via the online portal

– A dedicated team to work with you at each step and provide guidance at each key milestone

– Go Live can speed the transaction up by 6 weeks

Conveyancing has been done the same way forever.

Well, maybe not forever, but it’s still time for a different approach.

By transforming today’s tangled conveyancing process into streamlined teamwork, Legal Start is a revolution in the way that properties are bought and sold.

Core benefits:

– A dedicated process that brings together the legal teams and estate agents, working together closely to ensure a streamlined process

– Fully integrated partnership with your estate agent and solicitor

– Milestone updates delivered via the client portal so everyone has clear visability of each stage and key deadlines

– Chat function allowing for conversations with yourself, solicitor and estate agent which ensures direct communications
and full transparency

Legal Start launches in June 2021.