How conveyancing services can deliver estate agents’ goals across all branches

You might have big goals this financial year for your estate agent branches – expand your portfolio, have more sellers, get more buyers through the door, grab more market share in a specific area. 

The goals may be endless but they all amount to the same thing – sell more houses. 

There are numerous tactics you could and should employ to hit your targets. And one of them is via your conveyancing relationships. . 

If you direct potential buyers to conveyancing services it’s a sure to entice them to use your services for buying or selling. 

But it isn’t as simple as just offering conveyancing. If you pitch it correctly, conveyancing services can be a powerful tool to boost your estate agency goals too. 

The Agent Site is a collaborative portal that allows estate agents and solicitors to work on the same system, and for buyers to be kept up to date with the process. It saves the endless back and forth from buyer to estate agent, estate agent to solicitor and back again. 

Here’s how to use conveyancing to boost your sales. 

Get on the same page

Thankfully, everyone’s goals are aligned. You want to sell the house, so does the seller. The buyer wants you to sell it to them. Everyone wants the sale to be as quick and painless as possible. There is no one routing against you. 

Having the conveyancers that are on the same system will improve this no end. If you have a relationship with a conveyancer and you are both on The Agent Site, this is a quick way to improve the speed of your sales, and allow you to focus resources on other sales. 

But communicating these advantages to the buyer or seller is important, so that they take you up on the offer and go with your conveyancing team. 

This requires your teams to be on the same page. Your estate agents should be telling buyers and sellers the options available to them. That means they need to have the details at their fingertips – what does the conveyancer offer, how much does it cost, what are the advantages, what’s the next step if they want to hire the conveyancers? 

Give your estate agents training or seminars so they know what’s on offer and are primed to direct more customers to one of your trusted partners. 

Make it easy for them to follow

Conveyancing can be a slow and frustrating process for customers. 

They just want to buy a house. If they think the conveyancing stage is taking an unreasonable amount of time for no reason, they’ll get annoyed. 

Keeping clients up-to-date about the timeline is an easy remedy to this frustration. 

The Agent Site portal allows customers to log in and quickly view a timeline of the process. This means, within seconds they’ll know where they are and what’s next. 

This added level of transparency will boost trust, meaning they do not have to repeatedly call your estate agent (so they can spend more time selling other properties) and alleviate frustration all round. 

Transparent costs

Buying a house is already the most expensive thing you’ll ever purchase. Hidden costs can be frustrating, and in extreme circumstances, can result in a purchase falling through. 

If you are clear about your conveyancing costs, a client is more likely to use your in-house services, rather than go elsewhere.

Give clients a clear description of the costs involved, with no hidden fees. This will give them peace of mind, allow them to budget accordingly and build trust between you and them. 

Ultimately, it will assist the sale as there won’t be any delays as a client haggles over a surprise bill – or worse still, can’t afford to pay.

Streamline with technology

Time is money, and delays cost sales. 

You want to be focusing as much of your effort as possible on sales, and not on the cumbersome task of updating systems and acting as a go between updating all the different parties on the latest. 

Automation will allow you to direct your efforts towards sales. It will also streamline the sales process, keep buyers and sellers happy. There is no downside (and realistically in the modern world, no option but to automate). 

It’s a good idea to centralise all your communications. That way it’s easy for your estate agents and conveyancers to update the back end, so all the parties know what is going on and when. 

Tools that do this for you are a no brainer – once you have them, you’ll be wondering how you made do with the old system. 

Communication is key

Make conveyancing an asset and not an anchor. Do this by communicating with all the parties involved. 

Buyers will no doubt appreciate being kept in the loop at every stage. It will make the sale more likely to go through as transparency breeds patience. 

But it’s easier said than done. Traditional, communicating was a time-consuming task, back and forth, back and forth, between all the parties. The poor estate agent was the middleman, keeping everyone updated. 

By keeping all communications centralised it is easy to keep all parties informed – that way everyone is aware of where they are in the process Then in the event of the buyers or sellers still having questions, they can get in contact directly. 


One of the most powerful ways for you to get more sales is via referrals. Friends of happy customers will come straight to you if they think you are trustworthy, and will get their sale over the line quickly and at a reasonable cost. 

One of the biggest causes of friction, that will leave your customers unhappy and unlikely to give a referral, is a confusing, opaque process. 

If they are calling every day, wondering what the hell is happening to their dream home and why the conveyancers are taking so long, they will project that frustration onto you (whether it’s your fault or not!).

The conveyancing stage of a purchase can be slow. There may be obstacles that no amount of planning or experience can foresee. So control the ‘controllables’, and make life as easy as possible for the estate agents, conveyancers, sellers and buyers. 

That way, you’ll give yourself the best possible chance of getting a referral and helping more clients get what they need.

We’d love to tell you how we can help you to get the most out of your conveyancing services. Call us on 0161 710 1225, as for Fiona and we’ll chat through your business needs. Alternatively, you can find more information here about how The Agent Site can help your Estate Agency business to increase profits and to have fantastic working relationships with your solicitor partners.